Best Hair Washing Tip

Best Hair Washing Tip

Condition Naturally Before You Wash

I've rediscovered some simple tricks that I learned growing up but simply forgot about when I grew older.

So I was thinking about hair and how I hate taking all of the time it takes, washing, conditioning, combing out, waiting, etc...and then I remembered a special trick that I had learned from my mother---

You condition naturally before you wash your hair and even before you get your hair wet.

All you have to do is add one simple step. 
clear skin minerals dry organic shampoo powder

BRUSH out your hair completely next time before washing it.  Use a good, wide, scalp massaging or round brush to REALLY brush your hair from the roots to the ends until you can see a slight gloss from the oil (sebum).  You want to spend enough time brushing your hair (always beginning at the scalp and straight down).

Once your hair is smooth, tangle-free and has a slight "greasy" look, you can go about your normal hair washing routine.  However, you may not need to condition at all ---or as much when you brush out before the washes.

You'll find that your hair will not only feel and look better, it will perform better for you and stay much cleaner looking longer. 

For second or third day hair--I recommend my "mineral powder dry shampoo" because it's organic and natural.  It doesn't strip the hair of nutrients (like washing and rinsing does) and absorbs all of the oil in your hair from root to end, giving you a healthy, clean look with a lot of shine.

dry shampoo-organic dry shampoo

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Happy May!  2015

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