Frustrated With Your Oily Skin? Maybe More Oil Will Help?


Natural Oils for Oily Skin

Believe it or not but certain natural oils may be the cure for your oily and acne prone skin issues.

If you're stressed with oily skin, I'm sure you understand how hard it is to find something that actually works to control it.  

The thought of putting more oil on my face to control my excess oil but I was willing to try anything. 

It turns out that natural oils may just be the magic I've been looking for.

Many people try to cleanse and control excess oil production with harsh, stripping products that remove ALL OILS from the skin.  

This causes the skin to go into "freak out" mode and begin to produce more oil in order to compensate which only worsens the congestion and causes raw, irritated skin.

Natural oils contain the good fatty acids that the skin needs to stay well hydrated to quickly repair and heal itself.  They are also more effective at hydrating the skin than typical moisturizers and absorb quicker in the skin to nourish and provide powerful vitamins and antioxidants.

If you have oily skin, Tea Tree Oil would work best for you.  

If you're looking for softer skin, Neem Oil could help with that.  

Jojoba Oil works fantastically to balance moisture levels in the skin and control excess oil production and Vitamin E oil helps with hydration and smooths skin texture.

Clear Skin Minerals uses only natural and organic ingredients in our powder formulas. We use jojoba oil and vegan vitamin e oil to give our powders an almost creamy powder and naturally preserve.

Our makeup line is non-comedogenic   (won't clog pores) and improves the skin's texture and tone within only a few days of wearing it.  

This powder line is the best makeup for acne prone and oily skin types.

The coverage is beautiful and natural looking and the results from continued use are amazing. 

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