BLUE TANSY OIL is just what the dermatologist ordered for blemished, acne-prone, oily, or super chaotic skin tones.  

Blue Tansy Oil is an essential oil which is also known as Morrocan Blue Chamomile and Moroccan Tansy.  

Pure Blue Tansy Oil is extracted from a species of Tansy Tanacetum Annum and the oil is a bright blue color. 


This essential oil has a warm and sweet aroma which makes it perfect for use as a middle note in perfume blending. 

Blue Tansy Oil is one of the very best essential oils for troubled, angry skin because it helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, and skin redness. 

If you experience rashes or dermatitis, Blue Tansy Oil's anti-inflammatory properties will help heal these skin conditions and reduce flare-ups going forward.

Blue Tansy Oil will control your acne breakouts by eliminating the bacteria that cause pimples to form ---in addition to balancing your skin's hydration levels which helps to control super oily skin and excessive shine.

Blue Tansy Oil is also an effective insect repellent and a soothing pain remedy for sunburns.  It acts as a cooling agent for irritated skin conditions such as psoriasis and severe rosacea.

Because it's an essential oil, Blue Tansy Oil can also help to relieve anger and tension and provide total relaxation by reducing stress and promoting peaceful sleep.

PURE Blue Tansy Oil can be difficult to find ---so make sure that you purchase your essential oils from a trusted organic supplier.

We're adding PURE BLUE TANSY OIL to inventory in June 2021.

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