Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

Invest in the right tools---

Having the right makeup tools are just as important as having the right makeup and skills. Using quality brushes can make all the difference in the world when applying mineral makeup no matter what mineral products you're using.

You need the following BASIC makeup tools if you want the best mineral makeup application:

1. Foundation Brush
2. Thick Fluffy Powder Brush
3. Concealer Brush
4. Blush Brush
5. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
6. Small Blending Brush
7. Precision Angle Brush
8. Lip Brush

Always clean your brushes with a gentle soap and warm water and allow your brushes to air dry.  Try not to submerge the brush handles in water as this could cause the handles to loosen and detach.

Mix a little primer with your foundation---

You can always add primer to your regular foundation (cream or liquid) for a more translucent coverage that doesn't appear thick and cakey and will last last much longer.  Those with oily skin should apply cream or liquid foundation with a damp sponge, since a lot of cream foundations contain oil in their ingredients and using a damp sponge will pick up the pigment and leave the oil behind.

Always apply cream foundation to the center of the face first, working outwards.  The further you get from the center of the face, the less foundation coverage you'll need or want.

Conceal Your Skin Imperfections---

Opposite colors cancel each other out so use GREEN concealer to cancel out redness, inflammation, acne or tiny spider veins; Use PINK concealer to cancel out yellow, dull or sallow complexions; Use orangey colored concealers to remove blue tones (such as bruises) and under eye circles.

You can alter your face shape with the right makeup techniques and colors---

Facial contouring is the art of highlighting and shading. A makeup color that is "lighter" than the actual skin tone will make it more prominent and anything darker than the skin tone will make it recede.

Round faces can apply a shade or bronzer two times darker than the actual skin tone in the shape of the number "3" along side the face, shading the temples, the hollows of the cheeks and around the chin on each side of the face.

Large foreheads can be made to look smaller by applying bronzer or darker shade to the outer edge of the forehead and hairline.

A flat or wide nose can be contoured by shading along side the bridge of the nose starting from the inner brow area and then by using a highlighting powder or concealer down the center of the nose.

If you find that your cheeks are sagging, you can apply a highlighting powder just above the cheekbone and all the way up to your temple. Apply your blush directly on the cheekbone and then use a darker shade or bronzer in the hollow of your cheek, underneath the cheekbones.

When trying to pick out the right eyeshadow, think total opposites when it comes to the colors you choose:

Blue Eyes:  Any color with orangey undertones like gold, apricot or peach will make your blue eyes stand out more.

Green Eyes:  Any color with red undertones like deep plum and wine colors will really make your eyes pop.

Brown Eyes:  Brown is a neutral color so any color will work but the best colors for brown eyes are colors with blue or purple undertones.

How to get PERFECT lips---

Apply foundation to the entire lip area which removes the natural pigment of your true lip color for truer lip color but it can help to let you know where your actual and natural lip lines are.

Use a white eyeliner pencil and softly feather over the natural contour of the lips or use the white eyeliner to make lips fuller or thinner to draw past your natural lip line or within it.  Go over this line with a lip pencil in the same color as your lipstick and apply lipstick in a downward motion.  

Apply a light shade of your base foundation around the new lip line and blend to a soft edge around the lips with a lip brush.

Lighter lipstick colors reflect the light will give the effect of fuller lips, while darker shades absorb light to make the lips appear smaller or thinner.

TRICK:  To get a fuller "pout" apply a lip gloss to the top center portion of your lip (Cupid's Bow) and to the center of your bottom lip.

Perfect Brows----

Most women choose a color that's too dark for their brows so it's suggested that you use a color that is 2 shades darker than your hair color to fill in areas for the perfect brow.  Apply more pressure at the bottom of the brow line and feather up lightly for a more natural look.

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