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The Smartest Women in Hollywood

July 29, 2014

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Sharon Stone- IQ-  154 MENSA Member

Meryl Streep

Cate Blanchett

Shakira-  IQ- 140

Elisabeth Shue-
Returned to Harvard 15 years later and finished

Cindy Crawford

Jennifer Connelly
Went to Stanford and Yale and is fluent in French and Italian.

Emma Watson - Attending Brown University
  Possibly in line for the new Lara Croft?

Alicia Keys
  Graduated high school at 16 and turned down scholarship to Columbia.

Angelina Jolie

Claire Danes
Studied psychology at Yale before giving that up for acting.

Jodie Foster
Attended Yale and graduated with a degree in Literature

Nicole Kidman  IQ of 132

Geena Davis 
IQ 140 Member of MENSA

Natalie Portman
4.0 GPA Harvard graduate, fluent in Hebrew, Japanese and French

Kate Beckinsale
Studied French and Russian literature at Oxford.

Smartest Guy?

Johnny Depp 

Which one is YOUR favorite?  Do you LOVE Johnny Depp as much as all of my friends do?  Which actress or model is MOST surprising as one of the MOST intelligent?

Let me know what you think...

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