Does Amon Amarth Deliver to the US?

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Amon Amarth, the renowned Swedish melodic death metal band, has long thrilled fans around the world with their epic Viking-inspired music and high-energy live performances. However, for many years, American fans had to settle for watching their favorite band from afar, as Amon Amarth chose to tour predominantly in Europe. But, in recent times, the band has made a conscious effort to include the US in their touring schedule. This begs the question: Does Amon Amarth deliver to the US? Let’s take a closer look at their recent US tours and evaluate the band’s commitment to their American fanbase.

US Tours

Over the past decade, Amon Amarth has significantly increased their presence in the United States, delivering electrifying performances to their American fans. The band embarked on multiple headlining tours, visiting major cities and even making appearances at prominent metal festivals. Their willingness to tour extensively in the US showcases their commitment to satisfying their American fanbase.

In 2019, Amon Amarth embarked on the highly anticipated “Berserker World Tour.” This extensive run included a sizable number of US tour dates, ensuring fans across the country had the opportunity to witness their favorite band live. From New York to Los Angeles, Amon Amarth’s US tour stops covered a significant portion of the country and left metalheads hungry for more.

Response from American Fans

The response from American fans regarding Amon Amarth’s US tours has been overwhelmingly positive. Metalheads from coast to coast have flocked to their shows, filling venues and creating an electric atmosphere. Amon Amarth’s commitment to delivering their unique brand of melodic death metal to the US has fostered a dedicated and passionate following in the country.

Fans have expressed their appreciation for the band’s decision to tour extensively in the US. They commend Amon Amarth for not only making the effort to include major cities on their tour schedule but also for venturing into smaller towns. By reaching fans in both big and small markets, Amon Amarth has solidified their position as one of the most beloved metal bands in the United States.

Future Prospects

With their successful US tours behind them, Amon Amarth has undoubtedly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the American metal scene. Their commitment to delivering high-quality live performances and engaging with their fans ensures that their future prospects in the US are bright.

American fans can look forward to more opportunities to experience the fury and grandeur of Amon Amarth’s music. As the band continues to release new music, their US fanbase eagerly awaits the announcement of their next stateside tour. It is evident that Amon Amarth understands and appreciates the enthusiasm of their American fans, and they are dedicated to servicing their US audience.


Amon Amarth has proven themselves as a band that fully delivers to the United States. Their extensive US tours, including visits to major cities and smaller markets, demonstrate their commitment to their American fanbase. The overwhelmingly positive response from American metalheads further solidifies Amon Amarth’s success in the US. As fans eagerly anticipate future US tours, it is clear that Amon Amarth’s dedication to delivering their Viking-inspired metal to American shores is unwavering. With their powerful music, captivating stage presence, and commitment to their fans, Amon Amarth stands as a testament to the enduring allure of heavy metal in the United States.

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