Does Bass Pro Deliver to Hawaii?

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Bass Pro Shops, a well-known destination for outdoor enthusiasts, is a go-to store for hunting, fishing, and camping gear. However, for those residing in Hawaii, a common question arises – does Bass Pro deliver to the beautiful islands of Hawaii? In this article, we will dive deep into this topic, exploring whether Bass Pro delivers to Hawaii and shedding light on alternative options for Hawaiian residents to fulfill their outdoor gear needs.

Does Bass Pro Deliver to Hawaii?

The short answer is yes; Bass Pro Shops does offer delivery to Hawaii. They have an online store that caters to customers across the United States, including Hawaii. This means that residents of the Aloha State can access the wide range of products offered by Bass Pro without having to set foot in a physical store. However, it’s important to note that there might be some limitations and additional considerations when placing an order to be shipped to Hawaii.

Limited Shipping

While Bass Pro does offer delivery to Hawaii, it’s essential to be aware that certain products may be restricted from shipping to the islands due to various reasons. Some items, such as ammunition and firearms, are subject to strict regulations and may not be eligible for shipping to Hawaii. Additionally, oversized or overweight items might incur additional shipping charges. It’s always advisable to check the product’s description and any shipping restrictions mentioned on the Bass Pro website before placing an order.

Shipping Costs and Timeframes

Shipping costs to Hawaii from Bass Pro Shops can vary depending on the size, weight, and value of the items being purchased. Since Hawaii is geographically separated from the mainland, shipping expenses may be higher compared to deliveries within the contiguous United States. Furthermore, the estimated delivery timeframes may differ from what is expected for mainland deliveries. It’s recommended to review the shipping information provided during the checkout process to have a clear understanding of the costs and delivery timeframes for your specific order.

Alternative Options for Hawaiian Residents

Although Bass Pro Shops does deliver to Hawaii, some customers may find the associated costs or restricted product availability to be less than ideal. In such cases, exploring alternative options can be beneficial for Hawaiian residents seeking outdoor gear. Local sporting goods stores and specialty shops often offer a variety of products suitable for the unique outdoor activities in Hawaii. Additionally, online marketplaces that cater specifically to Hawaii, such as local classifieds or trade websites, can provide a platform for residents to connect with sellers who are already located within the islands. This option can offer convenience and the chance to support local businesses.


In conclusion, Bass Pro Shops does offer delivery to Hawaii, allowing residents to access their extensive range of outdoor gear. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain items may not be eligible for shipping due to regulations, and additional shipping costs may apply. Exploring local options and online marketplaces dedicated to Hawaii can also prove to be fruitful alternatives for acquiring outdoor gear. Whether you choose to shop from Bass Pro or explore other avenues, Hawaii residents can find the equipment they need to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the Aloha State.

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