Does Bird Bikes Deliver to the US?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Bird Bikes store to the US used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Bird Bikes store.

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Does Bird Bikes Deliver to the US


Bird Bikes is a well-known brand in the biking industry, offering a wide range of high-quality bicycles to customers around the world. Many people in the United States have expressed interest in purchasing a Bird Bike, but one question often arises: does Bird Bikes deliver to the US? In this article, we will explore this topic and provide you with the information you need to know.

International Shipping Policy

Bird Bikes has a comprehensive international shipping policy that includes delivery to various countries around the world. Fortunately, the United States is one of the locations where Bird Bikes provides its products. This means that if you are located in the US, you can indeed receive a Bird Bike right at your doorstep.

Delivery Options for US Customers

When it comes to delivery options, Bird Bikes offers several choices to US customers. Firstly, they provide standard delivery, which ensures that your bike is safely transported to your desired location. This option usually takes a bit longer, as it depends on various factors such as your specific address and logistics. However, it is a reliable and cost-effective option for those who do not require expedited delivery.

Additionally, Bird Bikes offers express delivery for those who prefer their bikes to arrive as soon as possible. This option is especially beneficial if you need a bike urgently or have time-sensitive plans. With express delivery, you can expect your Bird Bike to be delivered to your door within a shorter timeframe.

Shipping Costs and Return Policy

While Bird Bikes is dedicated to providing a wonderful customer experience, it’s essential to consider the associated costs. Shipping expenses for delivering your bike to the US will vary depending on factors such as the weight of the package and your specific location. It is advisable to check the Bird Bikes website or contact their customer service to obtain accurate shipping cost details.

Additionally, if you are not entirely satisfied with your Bird Bike upon delivery, the company has a return policy in place. They understand that sometimes expectations may not align perfectly, and they strive to accommodate their customers’ needs. However, it is crucial to review their return policy on their website to understand the specific guidelines and requirements for returning a bike.

Ordering and Customer Support

Ordering a Bird Bike from the United States is a straightforward process. The company has a user-friendly website that allows you to browse their range of bikes, select the one you desire, and proceed with the purchase. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns during the ordering process, Bird Bikes offers exceptional customer support. Their knowledgeable representatives are readily available to assist you via email or phone, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


In conclusion, Bird Bikes does indeed deliver to the United States, allowing biking enthusiasts in this region to enjoy their high-quality bikes. With various delivery options available, including standard and express delivery, customers can choose the option that best suits their needs. While shipping costs may vary, it is essential to review the accurate details on the Bird Bikes website or by contacting their customer service. Furthermore, the company’s return policy ensures customer satisfaction in case of any issues. So, if you’re in the US and have been eyeing a Bird Bike, go ahead and make your purchase with confidence knowing that it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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