Does Chewy Deliver to Guam?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Chewy store to Guam used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Chewy store.

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Guam, a small tropical paradise in the western Pacific Ocean, is home to a diverse population and a growing e-commerce market. As residents of this beautiful island seek convenient ways to satisfy their shopping needs, many are wondering if Chewy, the popular online pet retailer, delivers to Guam. In this article, we will delve into this question and provide valuable information for pet owners who are eager to shop for their furry friends from the comfort of their homes.

Does Chewy Deliver to Guam?

The answer to this burning question is a resounding yes—Chewy does indeed deliver to Guam! Whether you reside in Guam’s capital city of Hagåtña or in the countryside, you can enjoy the vast selection of pet products that Chewy offers, right at your doorstep.

Understanding Chewy’s Shipping Policy

When ordering from Chewy and having your purchases shipped to Guam, it is important to be aware of some key factors. Chewy primarily uses FedEx as its shipping provider, relying on their reliable services to ensure timely delivery to customers around the world. However, due to Guam’s geographical location, there may be some restrictions or limitations when it comes to delivery times and available shipping options. It is advisable to check Chewy’s website or contact their customer service to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding shipping to Guam.

Shipping Times

Shipping times from Chewy to Guam can vary depending on several factors, such as the availability of the desired products, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances. On average, customers in Guam can expect their orders to arrive within 7 to 10 business days from the time of purchase. It’s important to take this into consideration when planning your pet’s supplies to avoid running low on essentials.

Shipping Costs

Another aspect to consider when ordering from Chewy to Guam is the shipping costs. As Guam is an overseas territory, there may be additional fees associated with transporting goods. However, Chewy aims to provide reasonable shipping rates to its customers, and often offers free shipping on orders that exceed a certain amount. It’s worth exploring these options and taking advantage of any promotions or discounts to make your pet shopping experience more affordable.

Benefits of Ordering from Chewy

Ordering pet supplies from Chewy offers numerous benefits to the residents of Guam. Firstly, their extensive product range ensures that you’ll find everything you need for your furry friend, from high-quality pet food to toys and accessories. Chewy also prides itself on excellent customer service, making it easy for customers in Guam to resolve any issues or concerns they may have with their orders.


In conclusion, Chewy does deliver to Guam, allowing pet owners on this tropical island to conveniently shop for their pets’ needs. It is important to keep in mind the shipping times and costs associated with ordering from Chewy to Guam, as well as staying updated with any changes in shipping policies. With Chewy’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the convenience of online shopping, pet owners in Guam can rest assured that their pets will be well taken care of, no matter how far they may be from the mainland.

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