Does Egyptian Post Deliver to the US?

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When it comes to international shipping and delivering packages from one country to another, questions often arise about which postal services are reliable and efficient. If you are residing in the United States and have friends, family, or business partners in Egypt, you might find yourself wondering if the Egyptian post delivers to the US. In this article, we will explore this question and shed light on the options and possibilities for sending and receiving mail or packages between these two countries.

Understanding International Postal Services

To comprehend whether the Egyptian post delivers to the United States, it is essential first to understand the structure and functioning of international postal services. Each country has its own national postal service or provider responsible for local mail delivery. However, when it comes to international mail, postal services collaborate through a network of agreements and partnerships. This means that mail or packages sent from one country to another rely on these networks to reach their final destination.

Egyptian Post and International Delivery

The Egyptian Post, also known as Egypt Post, is responsible for both domestic and international mail services in Egypt. While their primary focus is on serving the local population, they do offer international shipping options to various countries around the world. The United States is one of these countries where the Egyptian Post provides delivery services.

To send packages from Egypt to the United States, the Egyptian Post offers two main options: economy and express shipping. Economy shipping is generally more affordable but slower, while express shipping is faster but more expensive. The choice between these options depends on your budget and urgency.

Delivery Time and Tracking

When using the Egyptian Post to send packages from Egypt to the United States, it is important to consider the delivery time. Economy shipping can take anywhere between two to six weeks, depending on several factors such as customs clearance and transportation. On the other hand, express shipping usually takes around five to seven business days.

To ensure peace of mind and stay updated on the progress of your shipment, the Egyptian Post provides tracking services. You will receive a tracking number when you send a package, allowing you to monitor its location and estimated delivery date online. This feature adds convenience and transparency, as you can easily keep track of your package throughout its journey.

Receiving Mail or Packages from Egypt

If you are in the United States and expecting mail or packages from Egypt, there are a few factors to consider. First, it is crucial to provide the sender with accurate and complete address information to avoid any delivery issues or delays. Additionally, packages shipped from Egypt to the United States may go through customs clearance, which can take some time. It is advisable to be patient and allow for any necessary customs procedures when awaiting your package.


The Egyptian Post does indeed deliver mail and packages to the United States. With options for both economy and express shipping, customers can choose the speed and cost that suit their needs best. While delivery times may vary, tracking services are available to ensure a smooth and transparent shipping experience. Whether you are sending or receiving mail or packages between Egypt and the United States, understanding the Egyptian Post’s services can help ensure a successful and satisfactory delivery process.

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