Does Itailor Deliver to the US?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Itailor store to the US used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Itailor store.

The key lies in using MyUS, a package forwarder that will accept your Itailor store orders and forward them to your doorstep in the US.

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Itailor, known for its impeccable custom-made clothing, has gained popularity worldwide. However, if you reside in the United States, you may be wondering if they deliver their high-quality products to your doorstep. In this article, we will delve into this question and explore whether Itailor offers delivery services in the US.

Does Itailor Deliver to the US?

If you are eager to order Itailor’s bespoke clothing but fear that your location in the US may be a stumbling block, worry no more. Itailor indeed offers shipping services to its customers residing in the United States. Whether you are located in bustling New York City or on the sunny shores of California, you can enjoy the convenience of having your tailored garments delivered straight to your door.

How Does Itailor Deliver to the US?

Itailor understands the importance of secure and timely shipping, especially when it comes to customized clothing. To cater to their US customers, Itailor relies on trusted shipping partners such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. These reputable courier services ensure that your orders are delivered safely and efficiently across the vast expanse of the United States.

Shipping Costs and Timeframe

Now that we know Itailor delivers to the US, let’s explore the details regarding shipping costs and timeframe. Typically, the shipping cost to the US is calculated based on the weight of the package and the delivery location. It is essential to note that additional fees, such as customs duties and taxes, may apply depending on the value of your order.

Regarding the shipping timeframe, Itailor strives to deliver your personalized clothing as swiftly as possible. While the exact delivery time may differ depending on your location in the US, customers usually receive their orders within two to three weeks. However, it is crucial to consider that this timeframe includes both the production and delivery process, as each garment is carefully tailored to your specifications.

Benefits of Itailor’s US Delivery

Opting for Itailor’s US delivery comes with several advantages. Firstly, by offering delivery services to the United States, Itailor allows customers to access its unparalleled bespoke clothing from the comfort of their homes. Secondly, their partnership with well-established shipping companies ensures reliable and prompt delivery, giving you peace of mind throughout the process. Moreover, the shipping costs are calculated fairly, taking into account the weight of your package and the location of delivery.

Ensuring a Smooth Delivery Process

To optimize your experience with Itailor’s US delivery, there are a few essential things to consider. Firstly, ensure that you provide accurate and complete shipping information during the ordering process. This includes your full name, address, contact number, and any specific delivery instructions. Double-checking these details helps avoid any mishaps or delays during the shipping process.

Additionally, having patience is key when waiting for your custom-made garments. As mentioned earlier, the production and delivery of personalized clothing can take up to a few weeks. While anticipation may build, rest assured that Itailor is diligently working to create your perfect outfit, tailored exclusively for you.


In conclusion, Itailor does deliver to the United States, allowing customers across the country to enjoy their exceptional bespoke garments. By partnering with reputable shipping services, Itailor ensures a smooth and efficient delivery process. While shipping costs are calculated based on package weight and delivery location, the convenience and quality of Itailor’s products make it a worthwhile investment. So, whether you are a fashion aficionado in New York City or a trendsetter in Los Angeles, Itailor is just a few clicks away from delivering your dream custom-made wardrobe.

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