Does Living Spaces Deliver to Hawaii?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Living Spaces store to Hawaii used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Living Spaces store.

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Living Spaces has become a household name in the furniture and home décor industry, known for its vast selection and affordable prices. For residents of Hawaii, purchasing furniture can be a challenge due to the geographic distance and logistical difficulties involved. In this article, we will explore whether Living Spaces delivers to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, providing a solution for those in need of stylish and quality furniture options.

Living Spaces Delivery Services

Living Spaces understands the importance of delivering their products efficiently and securely to customers. They offer delivery services to various locations across the United States, bringing convenience to their customers’ doorsteps. However, one may wonder if this convenient service extends to the far-flung islands of Hawaii.

Delivering to Hawaii

Living Spaces does have good news for customers residing in Hawaii – they do provide delivery services to the islands. Though the process entails more coordination and logistics compared to mainland deliveries, Living Spaces is committed to making it happen. By partnering with trusted carriers and shipping experts, they ensure that customers in Hawaii can enjoy the same exceptional service and convenience.

Shipping Fees and Process

Shipping furniture from the mainland to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean naturally incurs additional costs. Living Spaces acknowledges this and adds a shipping fee to cover the expenses associated with delivering to Hawaii. The precise amount depends on various factors, such as the size and weight of the items being shipped, as well as the island’s location within Hawaii. Additionally, customers should be aware that shipping fees are separate from any other charges, such as taxes or delivery fees.

Estimated Delivery Time

Living Spaces aims to deliver furniture to Hawaii within a reasonable timeframe. However, due to the distance and potential transportation challenges, it may take a bit longer compared to mainland deliveries. Once the purchase is made, Living Spaces provides customers with an estimated delivery timeline, keeping them informed throughout the process. It is important to note that unexpected circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions or customs clearance, might cause delays beyond their control.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Living Spaces places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction. This commitment extends to their delivery services, ensuring that customers in Hawaii receive their orders promptly and in excellent condition. In the rare event of any issue arising during the transit or upon delivery, Living Spaces has a dedicated customer support team ready to assist. They work diligently to resolve any concerns or complaints, striving to provide a positive and hassle-free shopping experience.


Living Spaces understands the importance of bringing their quality furniture to customers, regardless of their location. Living up to their reputation, they offer delivery services to customers in Hawaii, albeit with additional shipping fees and possible delivery-time extensions. By employing trusted carriers and maintaining excellent customer support, they ensure the journey from mainland to Hawaii is as seamless as possible. So, if you are in need of stylish and affordable furniture in Hawaii, Living Spaces is there to bring your dream living space to life.

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