Does Media Mail Deliver to Hawaii?

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One of the biggest concerns for residents of Hawaii when it comes to shipping and receiving mail is whether or not certain services, such as Media Mail, are available to them. Media Mail is a popular option for sending books, DVDs, CDs, and other similar media items at a discounted rate. However, due to Hawaii’s unique geographical location, many wonder if Media Mail delivers to the islands. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Media Mail is available in Hawaii and provide a clear answer.

Does Media Mail Deliver to Hawaii?

Media Mail is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows for the economical shipping of certain media items. It is often preferred by individuals and businesses looking to send educational materials, literary works, or media for personal use. However, unlike First Class Mail or Priority Mail, Media Mail has restrictions and limitations when it comes to the types of items that can be shipped and the destinations it reaches.

In the case of Hawaii, it is indeed good news that Media Mail does deliver to the islands. While Hawaii is one of the US states located farthest from the mainland, the USPS ensures that this media shipping service is available to residents. This means that individuals in Hawaii can send and receive media items using Media Mail just like their counterparts in the continental United States.

Shipping Considerations for Hawaii Residents

Despite Media Mail being available in Hawaii, there are a few considerations that residents of the islands need to keep in mind. Firstly, due to the extra distance required for shipping to Hawaii, delivery times may be slightly longer compared to shipping within the mainland. This is something to consider when planning to send or receive media items using Media Mail.

Another important consideration for Hawaii residents is the weight restrictions that apply to Media Mail. Media Mail can only be used to ship items that fall within specific weight limits, typically up to 70 pounds. It is essential to ensure that the items being shipped do not exceed this weight restriction to avoid any issues or additional charges.

Benefits of Using Media Mail

Despite the necessary considerations, Media Mail offers several benefits for Hawaii residents. The most significant advantage is the cost savings. Media Mail rates are significantly lower compared to other shipping options such as First Class or Priority Mail. This allows individuals and businesses in Hawaii to save money on shipping their media items, whether it be books for personal use or educational materials for schools and universities.

Furthermore, Media Mail also provides tracking services, allowing both the sender and recipient to monitor the progress of the shipment. This can bring peace of mind and the ability to plan accordingly, especially given the longer delivery times to Hawaii.


In conclusion, Media Mail does deliver to Hawaii, making it a viable option for residents of the islands to send and receive their media items at an economical rate. Despite longer delivery times and weight restrictions, the benefits of using Media Mail, such as cost savings and tracking services, outweigh these considerations. If you are in Hawaii and need to ship books, DVDs, CDs, or any other eligible media items, Media Mail is the way to go.

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