Does Sullivans Cove Distillery Deliver to the US?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Sullivans Cove Distillery store to the US used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Sullivans Cove Distillery store.

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Does Sullivans Cove Distillery Deliver to the US?


When it comes to whiskey, Sullivans Cove Distillery is a name that stands out for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Situated in Tasmania, Australia, this small-batch distillery has gained worldwide recognition and a devoted following of whiskey enthusiasts. However, if you are a whiskey connoisseur based in the United States, you may be wondering whether Sullivans Cove delivers their premium products to your doorstep. In this article, we explore whether Sullivans Cove Distillery offers delivery services to the US.

Shipping Policy to the US

Unfortunately, Sullivans Cove Distillery does not currently offer direct shipping to the United States. Their distribution network does not extend to include US retailers or individual customers. However, this does not mean that US-based whiskey lovers are completely out of luck when it comes to getting their hands on Sullivans Cove whiskey.

Alternative Options for US Customers

Despite the lack of direct delivery, there are alternative options available for United States residents who are eager to taste the exquisite flavors of Sullivans Cove whiskey. One option is to explore online liquor stores or auction platforms that specialize in rare and hard-to-find spirits. These platforms often have international relationships and can source Sullivans Cove whiskey from various locations, including Australia. Keep in mind, however, that it may come at a higher price due to import fees and shipping costs.

Traveling to Australia

Another option for US residents is to plan a trip to Australia and personally visit Sullivans Cove Distillery. Located on the picturesque island of Tasmania, the distillery offers whiskey enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in the whiskey-making process through guided tours and tastings. Not only will visitors get a chance to see the distillery in action, but they can also purchase Sullivans Cove whiskey to bring back to the US. This option allows for a unique experience and the chance to meet the passionate individuals behind these exceptional spirits.


While Sullivans Cove Distillery does not currently offer direct shipping to the United States, there are still avenues for US residents to access their highly sought-after whiskey. Exploring online liquor stores or auction platforms that specialize in rare spirits could be a viable option, albeit potentially at a higher cost. If budget allows, planning a trip to Australia and visiting the distillery in person offers the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the Sullivans Cove experience. Whether it’s through online purchasing or a memorable journey, whiskey enthusiasts in the US can still indulge in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Sullivans Cove Distillery has become renowned for worldwide.

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