We've recently signed with Refersion to create an Affiliate Marketing Campaign/Program which allows our clients, bloggers and other marketers to make 20% commission on every sale you refer to our website.

You can sign up below and you'll receive a "welcoming package" that will give you all the information you need on our affiliate program.
When you sign up--- you'll receive your own "unique sales link" which you can apply to your all of your social media posts, websites or blog posts.
Again, there are absolutely NO sign up costs and NO obligation.
If someone sees the link---visits the shop ---and makes a purchase within 20 days of clicking on your unique sales link ---you will receive a 20% commission payout of the total order amount.  (excluding tax and shipping fees)
Payments are made to you for Affiliate Sales on the 15th and last day of each calendar month.  The Refersion System will allow you to create an account and sign in to keep in touch with all of your sales as they occur and verify your payout amounts every 2 weeks.
There is only income to be made, skills to be learned and new friends to make!  





 Beauty Affiliate Sales Program