Clear Skin Minerals believes the most important part of your makeup application is the MAKEUP FOUNDATION which is why we offer the best NATURAL MAKEUP and ORGANIC SKINCARE for all skin types.  

​Our NATURAL ORGANIC MAKEUP is 100% organic and acne-safe-- and works overtime to soothe, heal and enhance your skin texture while you wear it. 

It will give you more than 8 hours of lasting, smooth matte coverage --without streaking or fading, no more oily-skin-slide-off --or those awful "orange" tones that occur when makeup toxins merge with your skin's natural oils and begin to oxidize.

ALTHOUGH AFFORDABLE- our products are not cheap nor do we use chemicals and/or useless to the skin--- powder fillers to promote our products.  

We're confident that our makeup powder foundation formulas are among the healthiest and pure on the market today for normal, combination, chaotic, oily and acne prone skin.  

An organic mix of natural ingredients work together to give you the best possible flawless makeup application without stripping, drying or abusing your delicate complexion. 




CLEAR SKIN MINERALS is on a mission to change the way women use makeup and skincare products and we are committed to creating toxic free makeup and skincare products as we don't want to add to the exposure of any additional chemicals or toxins in our world or on our skin.

Our organic ingredients and extracts are never bleached, clarified or heated to high temperatures so they maintain their purity and efficacy and natural, raw nutrients are never stripped away.  

Natural Makeup & Skincare ingredients provide superior healing attributes that penetrate and revive the skin in their purest form and all of our natural beauty products are free of toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives and genetically altered ingredients.  ​​

Our pure makeup powders are highly pigmented and beautifully formulated to interact in complete harmony with your skin to promote hydration, radiance and complexion perfection!