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Acne Dust™- Sleep Powder

Organic Acne-Blemish-Oily Skin Treatment

Our ACNE DUST™ is just what you need to keep your complexion clear of pesky pimples and acne breakouts every single day because it's made of rich, certified organic ingredients that work together to clear up your acne breakouts, reduce swelling and redness and manage your super oily skin while you sleep.

This organic powder treatment can also be used as a light finishing veil or "spot treatment" for pimples and/or cysts that are just beginning to form beneath the skin or as a healing powder for oily skin and breakouts.

Although this product has not been indicated or approved for the treatment of severe cystic acne, we feel that it is "very effective" in controlling severe acne symptoms such as inflammation, oily skin, and any pain and/or swelling that you may be experiencing.
We know the product is very helpful for those with any type of acne breakouts and with regular use, this product can and will improve your complexion drastically.

After washing and moisturizing your skin lightly, generously apply ACNE DUST™ night powder to your face with a dense makeup brush.


Wash off ACNE DUST™ n the morning with lukewarm water.

Gently pat dry your face with a soft towel.

Re-apply if desired or use as a light finishing veil or primer powder for your makeup.

Spot treat pimples and/or small imperfections and apply makeup.



Zinc Oxide, Rice Powder, Kaolin Clay, Vitamin E




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