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FAIRLY LIGHT SHADE:  All in ONE Makeup Powder

Our NATURAL MAKEUP is ideal for all skin types including normal, dry, mature, sensitive, acne prone, super oily, aging and chaotic skin types. Our organic powder makeup provides a true "flawless and airbrushed" appearance and will not clog your pores.

Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil work to give you a smooth powder application that's almost unbelievable and the formula helps to balance out moisture levels and repair damaged skin texture while naturally preserving your makeup.

(All powders are handmade within 1-3 days of your order)

Powder minerals will stay fresh indefinitely if you "take care of your organic products"-- which includes keeping the lids on tight, keeping the makeup powders stored out of direct sunlight and within normal temperatures.


Always clean and lightly moisturize your face before any cosmetic application--

Allow your skin to absorb the moisture completely-- before using powder makeup.

If "oily/shine" and "super oily skin" are interfering with your daily makeup application- then you should definitely try a sample of our:  

<HY-N-DRY ™> oil control primer powder (hydrating yet mattifying)  

After moisturizing your face---Dust a thin layer of HY-N-DRY primer powder over entire face and eyelids---just be careful not to dust "too close or over your lips" because this powder has been known to chap my lips in the past when I've worn for long periods.

If ---and after you "prime the face for powder" ---start with a good powder buffing foundation brush ---dip the tips of brush hairs into just a little makeup powder ---shake off the excess powder--- and use gentle swirling and circular buffing motions to apply powder onto the skin.

*Use small amount of powder and practice more "brush buffing motions" for best results---

It takes most organic makeup powders at least a minute to "warm up"  to your complexion

---so give them a little time to "develop" when sampling and always apply in natural lighting if possible.

​You can mix a little makeup powder with your favorite day cream. lotion, tint and/or wear as a cream or liquid base.

​Cover last minute skin imperfections by moistening a small powder brush and applying the powder as a thin paste to the area

Use mineral makeup powders to prime lips and eyelids as products for these areas look and perform better with a smooth and dry canvas.