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Samples Makeup Foundation Powder
Shade: Perfect Tan -10 Gram Sample

Our Organic Mineral Makeup Powders soften and replenish the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolorations, and quickly restores skin vitality and controls excess oil production. ​

Weightless, soft, natural powder makeup coverage gives a natural and lightweight coverage that lasts all day, controls oil and shine, while it heals and restores your skin tone and texture while you wear.

Includes an SPF of 20- but you will need more if you are outside or exposed to the sun.

Our NATURAL MAKEUP is ideal for all skin including sensitive, rosacea, acne prone, oily and chaotic types.

Our organic powder makeup provides a FLAWLESS-AIRBRUSHED appearance and will NOT clog your pores or appear caked on or streaked for the most natural makeup look.

Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil work to balance out moisture levels and repair damaged skin texture while naturally preserving your makeup.

(All powders are handmade within 2-3 days of your order)

Powder minerals will stay fresh indefinitely if you follow all of the organic product rules which includes keeping the lids on tight, keeping the makeup powders stored out of direct light and within normal temperatures.

A great mineral makeup powder application results from gentle buffing of powders into the skin.

​You can mix a little makeup powder with your favorite cream or lotion to add a tint or wear as a cream or liquid.

​Cover last minute skin imperfections by moistening a small powder brush and applying the powder as a thin paste.

Use mineral makeup powders to prime lips and eyelids as these areas do better with a smooth, dry canvas.

​Never apply powder makeup UNTIL your moisturizer has COMPLETELY absorbed and dried.

We make the majority of our BASIC MAKEUP SHADES in more of a NEUTRAL PRESENTATION so that it's easier for our clients to determine their perfect shade.​

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